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Pinney and Arnoult's French Grammar: A New Method, Combining Both the Oral and the Theoretic ...

 By Norman Pinney, Émile Arnoult


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By Norman Pinney, Émile
Published 1861
Mason Bros.
520 pages
Original from the New York Public Library
Digitized Sep 25, 2006
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pinney, french
nasal, consonant, syllable
aspirated, fraise, jaloux
vois, drap, pape
cherchons, ivrogne, cherchez
boutons, donnez, prends
donnez, vous, donnent
meill, bcau, lecon
vont, chez, vais
veulent, voulant, voulons
aimons, aimes, aiment
sommeil, avoir, chaud
etre, avoir, daugh
pretent, bleus, soldats
partitive, quelqu, trente
lecon, confie, mettez
alors, riche, dost
fermez, quarante, apporte
doigt, wast, bateau
lefon, trouver, cinquante
automne, printemps, chaud
moins, soixante, davantage
soixante, achete, semaine
veuille, aussitot, ecrire
quelque, honnete, rester
comporter, habiller, queje
pronominal, souvenez, repentir
pluperfect, subjunctive, aurais
etudie, preterit, indocile
vouloir, cesse, autour
faussement, pondu, feindre
acheter, puits, manque
vcut, piron, subjonctif
countryman, voltaire, debtor
sauve, bonaparte, gris
semaines, excepte, inclus
penult, plut, tenses
conjugation, voir, tenses

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New Orleans - Page 395
In New Orleans it hardly ever snows, and when it does, the snow usually melts as soon as it has fallen. 20. Did the servant break those panes of glass ...
more pages: 163 172 219 220 285 427
Charleston - Page 374
He has not been very well since he returned from Charleston; he has even been obliged to keep his bed during two or three days. ...
more pages: 190 402
Boston - Page 209
When wilt thou go to Boston ? 28. I shall go there on Monday. 29. Wilt thou return on Tuesday? 30. No; I shall return on Wednesday or Thursday ...
more pages: 139 140 219 273 317 320 348 374 389 427
Paris - Page 239
There are some beautiful and very large ones, but those of Paris are still more so. 16. I must go to Paris one day; I desire much to see it. ...
more pages: 4 193 220 289 350 382 388 413 445 448
New York - Page 387
and which cost me only ten dollars, has beaten your big clock at New York about an hour and a quarter only since yesterday morning. ...
more pages: 63 174 219 220 273 283 317 336 353 377
Cincinnati - Page 199
I desire to go as far as Cincinnati. 19. The small boats go as far as there ; when do you think to set out ? 20. Next week ; I am waiting for the ...
more pages: 336
Moscow - Page 245
To the east of Sweden one finds Russia, rhich is a very large country, of which the capital is Moscow. 7. Where were you yesterday evening? ...
more pages: 421
London - Page 273
My brothers died in Boston ; they were born in London. 37. Cassar vanquished the Gauls. 38. Did he overcome all his enemies? 39. ...
more pages: 218 219 220 236 239 258 382 392 403
Rome - Page 441
All ancient Rome. II. Aucun and nul are essentially singular: but when they belong to a noun which has no singular, or which denotes particularly the ...
more pages: 400 403
Louisville - Page 190
He comes to Louisville. II vient a Louisville. He comes to Mr. Lewis. n vient trouver M. Louis. 3. In emphatic cases, as calling, or ordering help, ...
St. Louis - Page 285
At St. Louis. 9. There a great deal falls. 10. Have you been here long? 11. I have been waiting for you nearly a quarter of an hour. 12. ...
more pages: 336
Madrid - Page 325
He has remained in Madrid (state). He went up to his room twice (action). He has gone up to his room (state). He remained at Lyons two weeks (ac ...
Florence - Page 416
A lion of the grand duke of Tuscany (Toscani), having got out of the menagerie, entered into the city of Florence, and spread there much panic ...
Stockholm - Page 245
The capital of iweden is Stockholm. C. To the east of Sweden one finds Russia, rhich is a very large country, of which the capital is Moscow. ...
Waterloo - Page 372
After the battle of Waterloo, which the French lost in 1815, they exiled (exila) Buonaparte to St. Helena (Helene), where he died in 1821. 11. ...
Memphis - Page 421
He does not traverse the seas; he does not run from Memphis to Vienna ( Vienne), and from Cadiz to Moscow. 10. He defends himself with a hand-ful of ...
Dublin - Page 245
Edinburgh (Edinbourg) is the capital of lootland, and Dublin is the capital of Ireland. 3. These three dngdoms belong to the same prince, ...
Vienna - Page 421
He does not traverse the seas; he does not run from Memphis to Vienna ( Vienne), and from Cadiz to Moscow. 10. He defends himself with a hand-ful of ...
Baltimore - Page 220
Is your friend from Baltimore ? 30. No, he is from New Orleans. 31. Do you dine at the general's to-day ? 32. No, I dine at my friend's; ...
Marseille - Page 220
Venez-vous de Marseille? 22. Non, je viens de la Nouvelle-Orlcans. 23. Mes enfants, ne touchez pas a mes papiers ni aux fruits. ...
Copenhagen - Page 245
To the east of England one finds Denmark, of ihieh the capital is Copenhagen (Copenhaguc). 5. The capital of iweden is Stockholm. C. ...
Zama - Page 400
There were seen (on vit) on the plains of Zama, the two greatest generals of their time to engage in (donncr) a battle, which was to decide the fate ...